Laboratory of Biodiversity, Limnology and Conservation Biology


At the Laboratory of Biodiversity, Limnology and Conservation biology (LABILICO) we study the biodiversity and ecological integrity of wetlands regarding the impact of human activities. We focus mainly in three large areas: the Paraná River delta, Tierra del Fuego peat bogs and Antarctic Peninsula wetlands. By studying the structure of different biological communities, we develop indicators for the evaluation and monitoring of the ecological integrity of these systems, thus contributing to protocols aimed at their wise use and management. We also investigate the uso of different organisms for pollution biomonitoring and remediation. Our main current projects are:

Tools for sustainable management practices of livestock activity and the maintenance of the structure and functioning of the Paraná River Delta wetlands.

Effects of livestock activities on wetland ecosystems of the Paraná River Delta.

Capacity building for the sustainable development of the Paraná River Delta.

Indicators for Evaluation and monitoring of ecological integrity changes of Paraná River Delta wetlands under different land uses.

Evaluation of the use of dry algae as adsorbing material for the remediation of aqueous systems.

Study of the biodiversity and biological indicators in microbial communities from Tierra del Fuego peat bogs.

Devepoment of an environmental baseline of theTurbio River, Santa Cruz Province.

Characterisation of Antarctic wetlands at multiple analysis scales as a tool for the conservation and management of protected areas.

Characterisation of the effect of emergent pollutants associated to human productive activities.

Development of novel pest control tools for insecticide substitution in productive systems in wetlands.


Quintana, Rubén Darío

Mataloni, Gabriela

Sfara, Valeria

Olivelli, Melisa Soledad

Salomone, Vanesa Natalia

Totino, Mariana

Schivo, Facundo

Aquino, Diego Sebastián

Krug, Cecilia Pamela

Nanni, Analía Soledad

Boné, Emiliano

Casa, Valeria

Pérez, Noelia Noemí

Fernández, Valentina