Svartz, Gabriela

Associate Researcher CONICET




Professional resume + Expertise

Gabriela Svartz is Assistant Researcher at CONICET since 2016 in the Institute for Environmental Research and Engineering (3iA)-UNSAM. In 2008 she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences with an orientation in Ecology (UBA), completing the bachelor's thesis at the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Health (ICAS). In 2013 she obtained the PhD in the Biological Sciences area, completing the doctoral thesis at 3iA. Her area of ​​research includes the toxicity evaluation of different xenobiotics on the early development of a native amphibian and freshwater fish. Actually she is carrying out a comparative study of the toxicity of gamma alumina-based nanoparticles in Rhinella arenarum and Cnesterodon decemmaculatus under the direction of Dr. Cristina Pérez Coll. She has presented the results of these studies in numerous national and international conferences, published book chapters and currently has 17 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
Expertise: Evaluation of the toxicity of potentially polluting compounds in the environment (pesticides, nanomaterials, chemicals for industrial use, etc.) in the early development of native amphibians and fish. The evaluations are carried out through standardized bioassays analyzing lethal and sublethal effects as behavioral alterations and malformations. Oxidative stress and genotoxic effects are also evaluated by micronucleus analysis and the comet assay.


Key Words

Ecotoxicology; Aquatic contamination; Amphibian; Freshwater fish; Standardized Bioassays.


Most important publications

Svartz, Gabriela, Papa, Mariana, Gosatti, Marina, Jordán, Marianela, Soldati Analia, Samter, Paula, Guraya, María M, Pérez Coll, Cristina, Perez Catán, Soledad. 2017. Monitoring the ecotoxicity of γ-Al2O3 and Ni/γ-Al2O3 nanomaterials by means of a battery of bioassays Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 144: 200–207.

Svartz, Gabriela, Meijide, Fernando, Pérez Coll, Cristina. 2016. Effects of a fungicide formulation on embryo-larval development, metamorphosis, and gonadogenesis of the south american toad Rhinella arenarum. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology. 45: 1-7.

Svartz, Gabriela, Aronzon, Carolina, Pérez Coll Cristina. 2016. Combined endosulfan and cypermethrin-induced toxicity to embryo–larval development of Rhinella arenarum. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A: Current Issues. 79(5): 197-209.

Svartz, Gabriela, Damián, Marino, Alicia, Ronco, Cristina Pérez Coll. 2015. Differential uptake of endosulfan in embryo-larval development of the amphibian Rhinella arenarum under sublethal exposure. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 69(1): 104-111.

Brodeur J, Svartz G, Pérez-Coll C, Marino D, Herkovits J. 2009. Comparative susceptibility to atrazine of three developmental stages of Rhinella arenarum and influence on metamorphosis: Non-monotonous acceleration of the time to climax and delayed tail resorption. Aquatic Toxicology 91(2): 161-170.