Olivelli, Melisa Soledad

Junior Researcher  CONICET

Associate Professor (part-time) - 3iA UNSAM

Teaching Assistant in First rate (part-time) - ECyT UNSAM





Prefessional resume + expertise

Dr. Melisa Olivelli has a degree in Biological Sciences from UBA (2008) and a PhD in Science and Technology, chemistry from UNSAM (2014). She has been an assistant professor of the Environmental Engineering career since 2010 and since 2014 she has been Professor of the Environmental Microbiology subject. Since 2019 she joined the CONICET research career. She has collaborations in various national and international research projects, related to environmental remediation; and maintains close relationships with renowned groups in the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. Her work is related to the physicochemical processes of complex biomass-mineral systems, involved in the retention and destination of environmental pollutants. She has extensive experience in: remediation processes of water courses contaminated with heavy metals through adsorption techniques, as well as experience in the treatment of sediments and soils contaminated with both metals and organics; synthesis of bio-clay compounds for the remediation of polluted waters; soil characterization and analysis; management and data analysis of the following equipment: FTIR, Z Potential, atomic absorption, HPLC, XRD, NMR. Experience in next generation sequencing data analysis.