Casa, Valeria

Postdoctoral Fellow CONICET

Lecturer (part-time) - UNSAM




Professional resume + Expertise

Valeria has a PhD in Biological Sciences (University of Buenos Aires) and is specialist in ecology and taxonomy of freshwater diatoms from Tierra del Fuego and Antarctic wetlands.

She carried out an exhaustive taxonomic-limnological study on the indigenous diatom flora and its ecological drivers in Tierra del Fuego peat bogs. In collaboration with the Botanic Garden Meise (Belgium), she described a large number of diatoms species from these extreme wetlands. These results are reflected in several papers and numerous conferences.

Nowadays, she is a postdoc student at the IIIA Institute and is working on diatoms from Antarctic wetlands. At the same time, she is Practical Professor of Biology II, for Environmental Engineering at the University of San Martin (UNSAM)



Diatoms, wetlands, limnology, taxonomy



Most important publications

-Casa, V., Brancolini, F., Mielnicki, D. & Mataloni, G. (2020). Fish-killing diatom bloom in an urban recreational pond: an index case for a global warming scenario? Oecologia Australis (ISSN: 2177-6199)

-Magnano, A. L., Krug, P., Casa, V., & Quintana, R. D. (2019). Changes in vegetation composition and structure following livestock exclusion in a temperate fluvial wetland. Applied Vegetation Science, 22(4), 484-493. DOI:

-Casa, V., Mataloni, G., & Van de Vijver, B. (2019). Distrionella coxiana, a new fragilarioid diatom species (Bacillariophyceae) from Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentina. Plant Ecology and Evolution. 152 (2): 385–391.

-Casa, V., Mataloni, G., & Van de Vijver, B. (2018). Six new Frustulia species (Bacillariophyta) in Tierra del Fuego peatbogs, Patagonia, Argentina. Fottea/Czech Phycological Society.-Praha, Czech Republic, 2007, currens, 18(1), 55-71.

-Casa, V., Lopez Bedogni, G., & Van de Vijver, B. (2017). A new Aulacoseira species (Bacillariophyta) from Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) and comparison with the type material of Melosira laevis var. fuegiana Frenguelli. Diatom Research, 32(4), 409-416.

-Casa, V., Mataloni, G., & Van De Vijver, B. (2017). Stauroneis fuegiana, a new Stauroneis species (Bacillariophyta) from Tierra del Fuego, southern Argentina. Phytotaxa, 311(1), 85-92


Complementary info

Quintana R. D., editor. Ganadería en Humedales.

Boné E. , V. Casa, G. Mataloni y V. Sfara; M. Andelman, editora. Ganadería y calidad de agua en el Delta del Paraná, Desafíos y recomendaciones.

Fundación Humedales / Wetlands International. Buenos Aires, Argentina. ISBN 978-987-29811-7-4