Porzionato, Natalia










Junior Researcher CONICET
Teaching assitant in first rate (part-time) - 3iA, UNSAM




Professional experience and expertise

Natalia Porzionato has a PhD in Science and Technology in UNSAM (2016) and is a Biotechnologist from UNQ (2010). In her thesis, she studied the biocatalyzed redox processes that are involved in the mobilization and immobilization of heavy metals in sediments. These processes are potentially useful to be applied in strategies of bioremediation of sediments in the Reconquista River basin.
She currently develops her scientific activity in the Laboratory of Integrated Processes of Analysis and Environmental Remediation of IIIA, UNSAM-CONICET. She began her career as CONICET assistant researcher in 2019, with the guidance of Dr. Gustavo Curutchet (3iA) and Dr. Silvia Grinberg (LICH). The group of researchers she is part of is interdisciplinary, ranging from chemical engineers to sociologist of education in context of poverty and environmental degradation in the metropolitan periphery. In this context, she participates in the design and development of a pilot plant of sediment remediation in José León Suarez neighborhood, which is affected by environmental pollution
She is teaching assistant in two courses of the career of Environmental Engineering of IIIA, UNSAM-CONICET. She is a mentor in environmental science projects in secondary schools of the District of San Martin and she has participated as coordinator of the UNSAM Fairs of Human and Social Sciences. She has co-leaded two undergraduate theses. She has received two doctoral fellowships and one postdoctoral fellowship from CONICET. She published more than 25 papers in international scientific journals and in proceedings of scientific meetings, and five chapters in books.
Director: Dr. Gustavo Curutchet.


Key Words

Polluted Sediment; Peripheral Territories Environmentally Degraded; Environmental Remediation.